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Museo Gino Tonutti
museum gino tonutti consisting of tonutti blacksmith's workshop, agricultural machinery, implements and tools, vintage cars and motorcycles.
Gino Tonutti born on Nov.15,1920, Museum Founder and Tonutti Group

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Welcome to the “Gino Tonutti Museum” Thank-you for visiting and it is my pleasure to have you here with me.
First of all, I’d like to explain the reason for the creation of this museum. I spent my life searching for novelties in utensils, machines and agricultural implements that could facilitate and ease the difficult tasks of our farmers. I learnt the art of the blacksmith in my father’s workshop. This until we decided that times were changing and that if we wanted to compete against the advents of progress we needed to set up a new workshop with modern techniques. The new workshop became the “Tonutti Farm Machinery Co.” But,….. what were we to do with the old workshop. I treasured that workshop too much and didn’t want to see it demolished or assigned to other uses. I then decided to keep the machines, gears, gadgets and above all the atmosphere and today they all stand in their original places and tell the story of the exhausting and hard work of the “fairs” (workshops).
This is how I got the great idea of a museum. A place where I could keep the many objects and machinery that I had picked up, with a collectors eye and accurate choosing, even rescuing precious items from the scrap yards and restoring them, over the years.

The “Museum” is divided into four sections:

THE BLACKSMITH SECTION which is the workshop where the Tonutti’s worked as blacksmiths up until 1965. It’s the original workshop fitted with all the original utensils and machinery, which are still in good working condition.

THE AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY SECTION which includes not only agricultural implements and tools, but also real antique and unique agricultural farm machinery.

THE CAR SECTION which has a collection of nearly eighty cars including many vintage cars.

THE MOTORCYCLE SECTION that counts for about seventy five motorcycles from various European and American manufacturers.

PLEASE NOTE that on this web site you will find a small collection of photographs which give a brief idea of all four sections of the “Museum”. Of course if you would like to see more, you need to come and visit the museum. I’ll be glad to show you around.


Gino Tonutti (1920 - 2003)